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GoBodyFix™️ - Ease Neck & Back Stretcher

GoBodyFix™️ - Ease Neck & Back Stretcher

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Eliminate Agonizing Neck and Back Pain in the Comfort of Your Home

Years of exertion, prolonged sitting, and poor posture subject your vertebrae to damaging tension. This can cause your spinal discs to shift out of place, exerting pressure on your nerves and resulting in sharp pain in your neck, lower back, and down your legs.

Experience progressive relief from the root cause of your discomfort by simply lying down on the Ease Neck & Back Stretcher for 10 minutes a day. This gentle stretching of your back and decompression of your vertebrae allows bulging or herniated discs to retract and undergo repair.

By relieving the damaging tension on your spinal nerves, you can achieve a healthy, pain-free back that will bring a smile to your face—for good. The Ease Neck & Back Stretcher can be used on the floor, bed, or chair, offering flexibility in your pain management routine

Enjoy the long-lasting effect

Inversion tables can be costly and unsuitable for over 38% of people, while chiropractic bills can quickly accumulate with the pain recurring once you discontinue treatment.

The Ease Neck & Back Stretcher utilizes lumbar traction to effectively loosen your back at an optimal 26° angle, providing your tense vertebrae with a much-needed break to relax, repair, and alleviate the built-up pressure on your inflamed nerves.

By naturally decompressing your spine with the Ease Neck & Back Stretcher for a minimum of 6-8 days, you can achieve permanent rehabilitation of damaged spinal structures and muscles, alleviate pain, and fully restore your mobility.

 Prevent Further Injuries and Correct Your Posture

The Ease Neck & Back Stretcher naturally restores the optimal curvature of your spine while training your muscles to maintain a healthy posture. By relieving stress from vital areas of your torso, it aids in preventing further injuries.

✔️ Stretching your neck with the Ease Neck & Back Stretcher also helps reduce tension headaches and migraines, promoting overall well-being.

Experience Better Sleep and Reduced Stress

Designed to alleviate stiffness and release muscular tension, the r incorporates cleverly shaped acupressure ridges that repair and massage away back strains and sprains.

Proven to enhance the quality of your sleep, it allows for deeper rest and a refreshed, focused awakening. 

Unlike soft, rolled-up towels that offer limited support, the Bridge Back Stretcher's firm premium foam ridges provide optimal back support and therapeutic pressure to your muscles as long as you lie down on it.

Embrace the Ease Neck & Back Stretcher and discover the path to a more comfortable, rejuvenating lifestyle.

Assisting with a Range of Conditions

Harnessing the expertise of leading chiropractors and a team of skilled medical professionals, GoBodyFix dedicated two years to the development of the Ease Neck & Back Stretcher. Rigorous laboratory tests, involving a significant investment of 126 000,00$ have unequivocally demonstrated its effectiveness in tackling prevalent spinal complications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it suitable for my height and weight?

Our Orthopedic Back Stretcher is built for all size and shapes. The system caters for all heights without the loss of effectiveness. With its tough ABS polyurethane,it can support a weight of up to 310lbs/140kg. 

How long should I use it for?

We recommend starting with two 5 minute periods a day and building up towards a continuous 10 minute session.

I have neck pain, will this work for me?

The GoBodyFix™ - Orthopedic Back Stretcher can be moved up to the thoracic spine (upper back/neck) to combat rounded shoulders, forward head posture and relieve neck pain.

Will this help for my particular pain?

Our Orthopedic Back Stretcher can help with back, neck and shoulder pain and has assisted customers with sciatica, spinal stenosis, spinal compression and bulging discs. It works great to stretch your back and naturally decompress your spine which relaxes your muscles and restores your natural curve.

Can I use this as a support on my office chair?

Of course! Our Orthopedic Back Stretcher is incredibly versatile, and can be used as a lumbar support while driving or sitting at the office.

What if it doesn't work for me?

We are incredibly confident you will love the Kenko Back™ - Orthopedic Back Stretcher, however, in the event you don't we're offering ano risk 30 day money back guarantee!